Rosa Pugilatu - The Glove Rose by INSEP

Rosa Pugilatu, more commonly known as the Glove Rose, is a new specie of flower. It blossoms periodically on the occasion of major boxing tournaments following an Olympic flowering cycle. Each flower represents the different facets of a boxing match. If the flower is growing in the direction of the outcome of a fight, beware of its fierce thorns, which are as many blows to the opponent who wishes to pick it. The Golve Rose is shaped by the zones of the ring where the boxer fought. Its color pays tribute to the boxer's outfit, and the leaves are as many rounds won. As with victory, nothing happens by chance for the Rosa Pugilatu. The seeds of each one of them are indeed quantified data, carefully collected by the gardeners of the PerfAnalytics project.

PerfAnalytics is a French research project aimed at quantifying sports performance in ecological situations, using machine learning techniques together with markerless video analysis. Using video streams and algorithms developed by the team, the movements of the French olympic team boxers can be analyzed, along with their punches and other metrics specific to boxing.

Thanks to this unusual visualization, explore the hidden face of this sport, which is ultimately a fertile breeding ground for creativity. Please take a closer look and enjoy this collection of roses that blossomed from a national Olympic qualifying tournament, but be warned: who plays with thorns gets pricked!

This project was initially an internal experiment in homage to Valentina D'Efilippo's poppy field. It is also an attempt to break out of the shackles of academic visualization and allow creative breathing space in research activities. It's also a way of adding art to everyday life, and exchanging ideas with Olympic athletes in a different way. Indeed, with the Paris Games in sight, the demands on the INSEP teams, whose work Jeremy presented to you at Outlier 2023, are ever-increasing, and transforming our raw material - data - into an artistic form is always a stimulating challenge. Mixing design and our technical tools, diverting them to see these flowers bloom, what a pleasure we had!