Telehealth Patient Experience Funnel by EVERSANA INTOUCH

This visual, created by a cross-functional team across EVERSANA, is a dashboard constructed in tableau that comprises dozens of sheets that have been assembled to provide an audience a complete performance report for their Telehealth solution. There are six unique, fully interactive sections of this dashboard, each comprising different visuals to help the audience understand performance. The six sections include: Homepage, Patient Experience Funnel, Website Activity, Website Geography, Media Performance, & Media Channel Overview. The hero visual of this dashboard is the Patient Experience Funnel. This funnel reads left to right and depicts the various stages a potential patient experiences throughout this Telehealth solution starting from when that patient is first exposed to media all the way through to when a script if fulfilled for that patient. Each stage of the funnel is visually represented by a circular bubble chart and each bubble is uniquely colored to represent the media channel from which that patient was exposed to or engaged with. The size of the bubbles represents the volume of the stated metric for each corresponding phase of the funnel. The number of bubbles corresponds to the number of days where that media impression / engagement / action occurred within each phase. The audience can easily see using the bubbles, color & size which media channels are most effective in each phase. For example, the dark purple bubbles represent the media channel, Paid Search. The audience can quickly see, that, although there is little Paid Search impressions (the first phase of the funnel) relative to other channels, it appears to be the most effective media channel in driving the actions as you move to the right side of the funnel. This suggests an opportunity for the audience to optimize their media efforts in favor of Paid Search.