Taking on Europe in their own back yard by KBR

In this data visualisation challenge related to the Tour de France, the goal was to:

"help increase the race's popularity around the world by creating an infographic-style visual to educate new viewers, highlight the magnitude of the event, and build anticipation for this year's race."

My approach was therefore to highlight the increased participation and success from competitors from countries outside Europe, and maybe inspire viewers from outside Europe to look out for competitors from their "neighbourhood" and cheer them on.

Rather than focus on individual countries, which may be too granular, I grouped countries together by continent, and analysed participation and wins by continents.

I chose a stream graph as it allows the progressive telling of a story trend over time, and the line paths drew parallels with the mountainous and hilly terrain of the cycle race.

I drew inspiration from retro style cycling posters, and the presentation style used by publications such as Elements and the Visual Capitalist.