It was NEVER about the Dragons by Data Viz Ninja

The traditional JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Games) was the dominating face in this genre in the 90s... until Dragon Age came along and reinvented the genre for the western RPG. Despite its name, the creators' focal point wasn't about the big bad dragons, but the expansive narrative-driven world they built. Dive into this visualization that explores what makes Dragon Age so successful, laying the foundation for the modern day storytelling for video games.

This project was conceived and made it to the top 15 qualifying entries for Tableau's Iron Viz 2023. Data was web scrapped via Python from multiple sources like VGChartz, HowLongToBeat, MetaCritic, and various fan sites for a holistic view on the game performance and reviews. The entire visualization was first built in Figma to facilitate ideation and refining the narrative structure before building it in Tableau. The design took a lot of references from the first game Dragon Age: Origins, especially with the medieval fonts and papyrus backgrounds/containers.