Palettes of Famous Paintings by Alexander Varlamov

What if famous artists lived in our times and engaged in data visualization?

The project, 'Palettes of Famous Paintings,' features 300 different color palettes based on the colors used in 100 paintings by renowned artists. The 50 paintings were chosen by data community. When I conceived this visualization, my thoughts were something like this: famous artists had a profound understanding of colors and various shades, so it could be interesting to extract the most frequently occurring color shades from their artworks and see how well they would work for charts and diagrams. With the help of python code, I was able to bring this idea to life. The original color selection algorithm was developed by Kyler Mintah.
For each painting, three palettes were generated: 20 colors, 10 colors, and 5 colors. The palettes with fewer colors are not subsets of the palettes with more colors; they were individually generated.
All palettes are downloadable.