Atomic India by National Institute of Design

A Visual and Educational Guide of India's Energy Prospects.
This project aims to visualize and educate people on India's energy prospects, especially nuclear energy, and its impact on the environment and society.

India is a developing country. As more people rise from poverty and the general quality of life will improve, more people are now able to buy things which require more energy to produce and power. Sufficing this energy needs requires proper planning, implementation & innovation of the process we use to obtain energy. It needs development in science & technology, which will make a pathway for the future generation to explore and find answers to problems faced by society.

As India and all other countries are moving towards a cleaner energy mix, this may create new challenges and those countries will be required to make significant changes to how they operate their power systems. At the same time, the need for flexibility is increasing and can create the opportunity for growth and innovation of countries and nations which ultimately leads to the betterment of future generations to come.