O mundo infinito dos Gamers by Odd.studio

The Gaming industry has changed. In the last five years, cell phones evolved worldwide to process complex games that would otherwise only run on consoles. A gamer - once the image of a young boy playing late at night - has taken diversity in all forms: kids, adults, parents, grandparents, different genders, races, and social classes. This scenario has remarkably changed in Brazil. If in 2017 “gamer” was an offensive word, now they are everywhere and as cool as ever.

TalkInc, Live Agency, and Odd.studio partnered to answer the question: How can brands be a part of the world of gaming in 2023?

TalkInc conducted a thorough survey, interviewing gamers, researchers, and industry experts to unveil the country’s scenario. Live Agency translated the findings to the world of brands, communicating how they can get involved in embracing diversity while remaining genuine. Odd.studio transformed the research into an interactive and engaging scrolly-telling website, conducting the user through the many discoveries and chapters to dive into the “Playsphere.” Together, this project is an unprecedented example of how surveys can be meaningful, impactful, fun, and engaging in their area and beyond.

We combined simple data visualizations, storytelling, and interactive design to create a narrative that maintained layers from the data. Just like games, we wish to show that there is a universe to uncover.

The story is divided into five chapters. Each has its own data and theme, with different branding versions, taking inspiration from historically known games. It is a maximalist design approach with many references and easter eggs. Designs were recreated so as not to inflict any image rights.

When opening the website, the user finds different credit scenes from video games in the data.
In Chapter One you can by exploring the profiles’ stats like selected in a video game.
Chapter Two shows the : how the sense of community created leads to new languages, preferences, and memes. Users can test their knowledge to see if they know gamers’ lingo.
Chapter Three highlights both sides of this world: a fantasy world can become a way to run from responsibilities for others. Limbo, Monument Valley, and Portal are inspirations.
Chapter 4 reveals . Luigi’s filthy pipes are toxic elements replicated from our world. Prejudice and bad behavior, especially towards women, the LGBTQAIP+ community, and people of color.
In the final chapter users can dissipate the fog by showing how this industry is in early exploration phases for many in Brazil and worldwide. A bonus chapter is dedicated to insights for brands. Only showing data is not enough: brands need to understand they are integral to building these worlds.
In less than 30 days after its launch, it has already been recognized in many national newspapers, opening the discussion that gamers are everywhere. It is a matter of how you look at it.



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    Research and analysis: Ana Paula Lamberti Bertol, Yasmin Nachtigall, Carla Mayumi, Marina Coutinho, Guilherme Pierantoni, Bruno Campello, Mauricio Palhano, Silvia Alegre Storytelling: Carla Mayumi, Ana Paula Lamberti Bertol, Letícia Ange Pozza Design: Vitória Valle, Bruno Lorenz Development: Francisco Estivallet, Matheus Alves Visual identity (research): Fernando Fernandes, Mariana Ferreira Media & Communication: Fernanda Kraemer, Gilberto Dias PM & support: Aline Rossin, Bruno Poiani, Stefanye Alves, Ana Beatriz Alves Project management and support: Cristina Brand, Ana Luiza Barreto and Francisco Xavier Junior
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