Jury vs. Televote in the Eurovision Song Contest by Hochschule Düsseldorf

After following the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in ten years, I got curious about the divergence between the public televote and the juryvote. We had watched the results on our way home and stayed up discussing them until 3am because from the perspective of casual viewers, it was really unexpected to see such a strong disagreement between the juries and the public vote.

Luckily I was taking a class on data visualization this semester.

So I chose this as my project and as it turns out, the last eight years were full of rather controversial winners with barely any agreement between both groups (with notable exceptions, like portugal in 2017)

I decided to compare the data by presenting both modes of voting independently on the Y-Axis and allowing the User to chose between an Overview (Plot by Total Points), an ordered comparison of the controversy of each song (Controversy) and a view of all countries participating in the final since 2016 (Country).

The goal is to show the divergence between both parties because I believe that while a certain amount of disagreement is natural and certainly needed, the strong difference between scores can divide the jury and audience. The endgoal should be to have a winner that balances both audience satisfaction and professional opinion.