Star Wars Colors by Edwin Mendivil Barceló

Star Wars Colors is a data visualization about the physical traits and basic information of the Star Wars characters, which were represented as a card game of Lightsabers. This dataviz has a data art style using creative programming to create a custom visual for every observation, every lightsaber is a chart!.

The tools that I used to create this visualization were R, P5.js, HTML/CSS and my cellphone for the sketch :). The data is taken from the dataset available from the dplyr library of R. It has information of the characters that have appeared until episode 7.

How was the process to create this dataviz?.

I started this personal project, sketching the custom visual with my cellphone :).

*Data Wrangling and the the grid:
For Data Wrangling and to generate the grid layout I used R.

*Coding the custom chart:
The custom charts (the lightsabers) were coded using the javascript library: p5.js. The final outcome of the chart look like a card game with information of every character.

*The visual story and the super mini Star Wars Episode:
To combine everything and present it in a interesting way I created a custom page in my website, so I had to remember some things about HTML and CSS... The visualization can be read in Spanish or English.

As it was about one of the most famous movies, Star Wars, I thought why not to create a very small and concise narrative to introduce the custom visual, explained by a visual alphabet, then show the charts, and finally finishes it like the beginning of a new episode in which some children found a card game (the custom charts) that turn them into new Jedis?. Yes that's what I did! :).

You can enjoy this dataviz in this site: