The 24 terms in the solar calendar by Marcelo Duhalde

The 24 solar terms is a set of ancient knowledge about time and practices developed in China through the observation of the annual movement of the sun, Recently the 24 solar terms were added to UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage
We wanted to show only those terms where the changes in nature are more noticeable, 7 of the 24 solar terms were picked to stand out in their transition.
Technique: This graphic intends to be very visual, using comic-style illustrations, this tool helped us to tell each of the stories, using pencil drawing with the intention to show a concept that evokes graphic-novel aesthetics. Slightly based on the ancient Chinese paintings, found in old visual chronicles, the color palette is limited (black and white, white and red, ochre and light brown inspired by old paper texture). The shapes and rhythms in its general composition are intended to generate in the reader a certain sensation of familiarity and warmth.
Content: In addition to a long investigation into the history and theorized concepts of the 24 solar terms, the texts were developed based on the experiences and daily life of local people, on how they were adapting these laws of nature with the new forms of coexistence in the urban world.