The Brick': world's first mobile phone by Marcelo Duhalde

Last April was the 50 years anniversary of the first call done by Martin Cooper using the first mobile phone in history, which was big as a brick.
I wanted to find out more about that first model, but in a way to explain mainly the scale of the device. The functions of the Motorola Dynotac were very basic and only allow to make phone calls.
After finding good information in Popular Mechanics magazine (July 1973 issue) was possible for me to explain a little more about the components of “The Brick”, the focus was more on the size comparison rather than the technical aspects of the gadget. Following that line, i decided to visualize the phone in its actual size to allow the audience to accurately compare their own devices with this historical one.
By including the most popular models sold in 2022, i tried to reach more audience, all the models depicted were represented by lighter lines, matching the actual size of the devices, the Motorola Dynotac was illustrated with more detail.
The purpose of this visualization is to offer a different interaction with the audience and invites them to compare their phones on the page to learn and understand the data presented.
I also included the model Nokia 1110, (the most popular mobile phone in history) because it is part of the collective memory and it is a good reference to show different eras of the mobile phone evolution.