Face Jam 100% Warm Data Blanket by Personal

Each square in the blanket represents data from episode of Face Jam, a podcast where hosts Michael and Jordan each rate limited edition fast food items on a scale of 1-100. Each host's rating is represented with a colour scale. Two strands of yarn in the appropriate colours are held together to crochet each square. The father apart in colour, the more disparate the scores. For example, a square that uses red yarn (low score) and yellow yarn (high score) means the two hosts disagreed on the quality of the food. Stitch type represents which of the hosts gave the food a higher rating. A flat square means Michael's was the higher rating, and a 3D popcorn stitch square means Jordan's score was higher. The use of two strands of metallic embroidery floss in a square means the episode's meal involved chicken in some way, such as chicken wings or a chicken sandwich. This blanket covers the first 100 episodes of Face Jam, and was completed shortly after episode 100 aired at the end of July 2023.