1 dataset 100 visualizations by Ferdio

Is it possible to create 100 data visualizations from a single, simple dataset?

This question started the project, challenging the Ferdio team to demonstrate how even the simplest dataset can be turned into 100 data visualizations, telling different stories, using very limited visual properties and assets.

"1 dataset 100 visualizations" aims to inspire and enlighten people about new ways to use data visualization. But also to be conscious about the way we interpret data in data visualization. Every time a set of data is turned into a visual depiction, hundreds of design choices must be made to make the data tell the best story possible. Many of these choices are unconscious, often resulting in obvious and uninspired solutions.

This project goes beyond common solutions and best practice. It showcases the diversity and complexity of data visualization. Every visualization on the website has the same style and colors and lets the interpretation and story angle dictate the visualization. This has resulted in 100 vastly different visualizations to explore by either story, property or shape.

It is a unique, free website to browse when looking for new ways to use data visualization and storytelling.

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