Pigs in cities: why wild boar stray into urban areas by Marcelo Duhalde

Boar straying into urban areas has been a problem in many modern cities, the boar problem in Hong Kong refers to the increasing population of wild boars in urban areas. Rapid urbanization has disrupted their natural habitats, leading boars to venture into residential areas in search of food. This poses risks to public safety, damages property, and creates conflicts between humans and wildlife.

This story delves into the factors contributing to the rapid growth of the boar population, with the aim of reducing the stigma associated with boar attacks and fostering understanding.

We use simple charts and diagrams to convey scientific facts about the boar's natural ecology. Pencil illustrations are utilized to highlight the distinct characteristics of the boar, such as its dense coat of stiff guard hairs. The use of pencil illustrations not only showcases the boar's unique features but also adds a touch of softness to the overall visuals. To maintain visual coherence, a minimal palette of complementary colors is applied throughout the entire story, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing visual experience.

In the "Navigating urban areas" section, we blend photography and illustration to create a lifelike scene that showcases the boar's perspective. This approach enables readers to empathize with the boar and better understand its experiences. Furthermore, the concluding "How to react" section goes beyond information, providing practical guidance for readers on how to respond when encountering boars in their own cities. This adds another dimension to the story, serving as a helpful guide for readers.