Africa's remarkable rise: Global start-up funding trends in 2022 by The African Leadership University

This data visualization explores the landscape of global start-up funding in 2022, focusing on Africa's unique position and growth trajectory. Drawing from CB Insights' "State of Venture 2022" report and "The Big Deal," the visualization highlights Africa's underrepresentation in funding, with a mere $4.8 billion raised, comprising 1.2% of global funding.

However, the narrative takes a turn as Africa emerges as the standout region with a positive YoY growth of 5% in start-up funding. In contrast, other regions experienced substantial declines, with Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America facing drops of 17%, 37%, 39%, and a drastic 62% respectively.

Through engaging visual and concise data representation, this visualization underscores Africa's resilience and potential as an emerging hub for innovation and investment. It captures the essence of Africa's journey from underrepresentation to a growth leader in the global start-up landscape.