HCP Reach & Engagement by EVERSANA INTOUCH

This visual, created in tableau, helps the intended audience understand Health Care Professional’s’ engagement with media at an individual level. On the radial chart on the left-hand side, each line represents an individual HCP with the length of the line signifying the volume of the selected media metric that is available to select at the top left corner. The colors on this chart represent the specialty for each HCP. To complement this radial chart, there is a rounded bar chart on the right-hand side of this page. Both charts are animated, and the audience can see how the engagement of these HCPs has varied over time by clicking the “play” icon in the bottom right corner. Additional detail is embedded in this visual as a user can hover over any one of the lines in the radial chart to uncover the individual HCP’s NPI # and specialty in addition to seeing the exact volume of the selected metric. Also, the charts contain additional interactivity in which clicking on certain elements of either the radial or rounded bar charts will filter the entire page for the data element that was clicked on. For example, clicking on any one of the rounded bars for a particular specialty will automatically filter the radial chart to isolate the view for that specialty.