Suicide and Mental Health in the Veterinary Community by Diogo Guerra

To mark the 2022 World Suicide Prevention Day (10 Sep), and in anticipation to the 2022 World Mental Health Day (10 Oct), I have created an infographic raising awareness to these serious issues afflicting veterinarians worldwide. This was then shared as bit-sized, easy-to-digest visual through social media.

In Canada, Germany, Norway, UK, or USA several studies have identified vets at being at a higher risk of suicide and suicide ideation compared to the general population. As a former veterinarian, I have witness the toll this amazing-yet-demanding profession has had on friends and colleagues – low compensation, stressful work environments, long and/or night shifts, and also bullying by pet owners and society in general who still regards vets as money-grabbers, despite the heartfelt and amazing work they do daily.

I wanted to raise awareness not only to the worrying statistics related to mental health and suicide in the veterinary community worldwide, but also emphasize some of its causes, in hopes to generate more discussion and solidarity.