Pathways to stability: Best practices on securing land tenure for urban displaced communities in Somalia by Jennifer Spencer

Many people think of forced displacement as a before-and-after situation: that displaced families move into an IDP camp that, despite their many challenges, are relatively stable. The reality is quite different in many cities in Somalia, where land tenure agreements are often informal and displaced families -- and even whole communities -- can be forcibly evicted at a moment's notice, often repeatedly.

This Shorthand story draws together quantitative data, maps, personal stories, and a range of multimedia to introduce readers -- namely donors and other humanitarian and international development actors -- to these urban housing, land, and property challenges that have been largely overlooked and unaddressed to date. It also shares the Danwadaag Consortium's experiences and learning from piloting and implementing a variety of solutions, which can be further scaled or replicated in similar contexts in Somalia and around the world.

Danwadaag provided the text, source data, and multimedia assets. The Untethered Impact team conducted background research on the issue, integrated secondary multimedia and information sources, visualized the data in Flourish, and worked closely with the Danwadaag team integrate the various pieces into a compelling interactive and visual narrative that articulates the issues they are facing and the work they do.