Visualising the Swimming Pool of MIT ADT by MIT ADT, Pune, India

In analyzing the data visualization of swimming pool users at MIT ADT Pune, several key trends emerge, shedding light on the facility's popularity and user demographics. The findings reveal a clear concentration of users within the age group of 18-25, constituting the largest demographic with a daily presence of 170 individuals. Among this cohort, there were 110 males and 60 females, signifying a slightly higher male-to-female ratio.

Further exploration into the age distribution highlights a diverse user base. The age bracket of 3-18 comprises 100 users, evenly split between males and females, showcasing a commitment to encouraging a range of age groups to engage in physical activity. Additionally, the data indicates that individuals aged 25 and above contribute to the pool's daily traffic, accounting for 30 users. Within this category, there are 20 males and 10 females, revealing a proportionally smaller yet consistent presence.

These trends underscore the attractiveness of the swimming pool facility to the younger demographic, particularly those aged 18-25, and the efforts to foster inclusivity by accommodating both the 3-18 age group and individuals aged 25 and above. The gender distribution also sheds light on potential areas for targeted engagement. By harnessing these insights, the campus can optimize its pool services, enhance facilities, and develop tailored programs to cater to the varying needs of its diverse user base effectively.