Achieving Net Zero by Iain Morrison at Gray’s School of Art

Achieving Net Zero provides a set of information graphics led posters that have been created to raise awareness of Scotland's commitment to meeting its net zero emissions targets by 2045 (five years before the rest of the UK).

The posters are designed for 11-18 year old pupils at secondary schools in Scotland to highlight the challenges ahead and assist them with understanding the opportunities for achieving net zero.

By presenting the data through visually accessible information graphics and text, together with the supporting website with links to all the material used to design the posters. The viewer can then investigate each topic in more detail to understand how it links to the bigger picture as we head towards 2045.

To engage a younger audience, a poster exhibition format was chosen as the best way to make the most impact on a busy school wall while providing an easy to engage in visual style to compliment classroom lessons. It also offers a resource that supports the 'Curriculum for Excellence' to help pupils gain the knowledge, skills and attributes needed for life in the 21st century.

Children and young people studying at Scotland’s schools are the country’s future agents of change. It’s hoped that by assisting secondary school pupils to have a more in depth understanding of the country’s current use of fossil and renewable energy resources, this will assist Scotland in its commitment to reaching net zero by 2045.