Putin's 12 Steps Towards Hell: Ukraine war, Year One by EL ESPAÑOL

On February 24, 2023, the first anniversary of the outbreak of the war in Ukraine was commemorated, and we decided to create a piece that would synthesize all the political, economic, and human aspects of this protracted conflict.

We opted for a format with a user experience similar to that of the social media platform "TikTok," combining impactful video footage of the war with a wealth of real data on bombings, refugees, migrations, economic indicators, and gas pipelines that played a pivotal role throughout this year of conflict.

This visual article includes a navigation menu with 12 key points, simulating the 12 months of the year. Each point consists of two slides: a video addressing a specific topic, whether related to a particular timeframe or more general aspects, showcasing moving and authentic images of the conflict; and a second slide highlighting a key piece of information relevant to that particular point.

The data was collected using multiple data synthesis applications and is presented through animated graphics to make an impact and sustain engagement on each slide.