Freediving - Breathing is overrated by Data Dune

Are you ready to descend into a world that takes your breath away (literally)? If you've ever wondered what it's truly like to break the surface and descend into the mystical depths of the ocean, this is your chance.

Freediving is a sport that defies the norms, where you explore aquatic depths on a single breath—no breathing equipment, just you and the ocean.

This Tableau dashboard offers an enticing introduction to this awe-inspiring sport, serving as your dive buddy into the deep blue. It's packed with heart-pounding records, from the unfathomable depths conquered to the longest times spent beneath the waves.

Charting the course of my own freediving journey, it's a reflection of resilience, personal growth, and an intimate relationship with the sea.

It's an invitation to plunge into the world of freediving, to be inspired, educated, and to unlock an ocean of possibilities.

Are you ready to dive deeper?