Controller Map: Mapping of Controls by Game Studios by NMIMS School of Design, Mumbai

Controller Map is a data story using interactive data visualisations to portray and analyse the control mapping by game studios for 44 AAA games, for the PlayStation. There are a set of 5 different visualisations that convey varied data
information related to the topic which changes based on the permutations and combinations of the chosen variables, creating more than 250 data visualisation possibilities.

The story presents a history of PlayStation game controllers and changes in button layouts over the years, a comparison between the Xbox and the PlayStation mapping, the control mapping of games as per genres, control mapping of games as per game actions, and the most popular game layout actions used by game studios.

All this data aims to provide gamers with insights into the most efficient layout for consistency when switching games.

For my chosen topic, I did secondary research to find datasets to be used for creating my visualisations but there was no existing dataset for my chosen topic.

Since I was highly motivated to take this topic forward, I created my own dataset in Excel by inputting values of game control variables based on every single button of the controller, for 44 AAA Playstation games.

I found the game mapping controls online and it took me 4 days to create my dataset but using this, I created my data story by analysing the data in Excel through the data visualisation tools available and presented my work in Figma.