Voices from the Frontlines – Africa Climate Mobility Initiative by CLEVER°FRANKE,

Climate change is reshaping our world. Across Africa, climate change is already increasing forced migration and displacement, referred to as ‘climate mobility’. It is estimated that by 2050 up to 113 million people in Africa will move due to climate change.

To show the impact of climate mobility in Africa, the Africa Climate Mobility Initiative, an initiative coordinated by the Global Centre for Climate Mobility, conducted 2-year research to create an overview of the problem. They provided evidence, knowledge, and policy recommendations for COP27 climate change negotiations in Egypt.

Working with The Global Centre for Climate Mobility and their collaborating researchers, editors, photographers, and policy experts, and also with Deltares (Dutch research institute), we designed and developed a visually rich website and report. We helped the Global Centre for Climate Mobility distill the right insights and translate their research into stories that present the problem in an understandable and tangible way for those who are affected, the general public worldwide, journalists, and policymakers.

The website reflects a proactive and optimistic outlook, visible in the vibrant and colourful design. We focused on putting people first, and showing the local impact of climate change, which results in a touching and human-focused story. To highlight the challenges in local areas of the African continent, we used texture maps, included portraits and stories of people that might or are already affected by climate mobility using photography and documentaries.

Besides showing the personal side of the story, we also show the bigger picture and challenges that require action. The microsite and report insights are backed by graphs and charts that present an overarching view of the project data. We opened the research in an interactive data portal allowing everyone to explore the data themselves. This resulted in presenting a clear picture of the issue at a macro level.

Ultimately, the Voices from the Frontlines microsite opens up the data, images and personal stories about climate mobility in Africa and shows the impact climate mobility has from different angles. It allows users to gain insights that can build their interest, knowledge to help people in Africa deal with climate mobility challenges. The website and the report are already used by African governments in Niger, Somalia, Uganda, and other policymakers to create adaptation strategies.

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    C°F team:
    Arimit Bhattacharya - Front-end Development
    Christian de Wit - Front-end Development
    Eileen Guo - Front-end Development
    Nick Rutten - Front-end Development
    Pietro Lodi - UX/UI Design
    Joost Mommers - UX, Motion & Video Design
    Bas van den Burgh - Concept Design
    Iona Keeley - UX/UI Design
    Carlo ter Woord - UX/UI Design
    Oscar Senar - Content Management & Data Analysis
    Wilco Tomassen - Data Analysis & Processing
    Jan Wouter Dekker - Product Owner
    Thomas Clever - Creative Direction
    Wouter van Dijk - Creative Direction
    Client (GCCM) credits: Maarten Koets - Executive Producer for Video & Photography Kamal Amakrane - Managing Director David Lonnberg - Senior Advisor for Youth & Outreach Sarah Rosengaertner - Global Knowledge & Practice Lead Hyun Kim - Senior Programme Manager Sharon Johnson - Senior Advisor for Communications Dr. Nick Simpson - Knowledge & Practice Lead for Africa Eefje Ludwig, Eva Nijsten - Editorial Support and Research Flavio Cardoso, Hamada Elrasam, Abraham Haile Biru, Denilson Pombo, Selim Harbi, Mustafa Saeed, Ahmed Fais, Zahara Abdul - Photographers & Videographers Tsigereda Tafesse, Sheila Saiete, Olankha, Tirsit Yetbarek, Samuel Mabala - Research and Production Support Eefje Ludwig, Robert Pledge, Peter Lipton, Leonie Joubert - Postproduction Photography Eva Nijsten, Manuel Dias da Silva, Jordi Beukers, Thomas Vroege, Darius Timmer, Hens Zimmerman, Hugo Mendieta - Postproduction Videos
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