US Tech Policy Dashboard by Tuan Pham

In the wake of the rapid advancements of AI technologies and multiple reports of their issues, regulation efforts are currently catching up. Hence, I wanted to visualize the current progress of tech policy. Unfortunately, the efforts to track this are quite sparse, sometimes even lacking.

The Citris Policy Lab (, however, has been tracking AI-related legislation in the US, albeit not so much lately. But thanks to their effort, I was able to create a dashboard of the US tech-related policies at the federal level, with policies introduced from 2018 to early 2023.

In the dashboard, I am showing the various metrics of the US tech-related federal policies, as captured in their database, including party support, bill status, originating legislature chamber, bill topics and the states of the bill introducers.

In the coming months and years, I think (and hope) we'll see a lot more of these regulation efforts, and accompanying trackers, from all over the world. I believe we will see them at the national and local levels in different countries, implemented across different domains, including actual laws, as well as academia, industry, entertainment, ...


Details on tools: This is visualized with Dash/Plotly. The code is open source on Codeberg. The dashboard is hosted on
- Dashboard:
- Code:

Inspiration and acknowledgement: This stems out out of my current interest in tech policies, along with a group that is also trying to map other aspects of this more comprehensively. I'd also like to thank Adam Bacigal, my mentor in the DVS mentorship program in Spring 2023, and the folks in the program that have provide the opportunity for me to learn!

Limitations: I do not come from a policy/law background. My understanding is limited, and I am slowly learning. I am open to feedback on my visualization to better communicate effectively and accurately about this topic.