SABINAL by Alberto Lara

This was the first approach of data visualisation for the Sabinal River Regenaration project in Chiapas, México. The image relates geographic and mobility information that would be the foundation for the architectural phase of the project. The firs layer of information establishes the closest city-bus station to the potential public areas in the river-side. The next three layers of information the mobility radius of a walking, biking and driving. This is all connected to two graphs which represent the topography levels of the city and the slopes that form along the river. The objective was to visually relate and contrast the necessary information in order to make design decisions for the project when defining its components: jogging track, bicycle lane, linear park, water control stations, etc. The graphic was developed using a 3D model of the city and analysing it with Grasshopper and Rhino, then exporting the resulting information to Illustrator and assigning line quality and color. 

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