Data visualization design for More Than Money: How Economic Inequality Affects Everything. by Simone Betito

From the publisher: "No matter how rich or poor you are, economic inequality impacts every aspect of your life—the place where you live, the opportunities you experience, the healthcare you get, the education you receive. More Than Money breaks down why the rich seem to be getting richer while the rest of us are struggling to just get by.

With vivid, energetic illustrations, the use of graphs and charts, and tips for how to investigate topics of interest, readers learn the most important issues and ideas in economics to better understand the consequences of inequality."

I designed roughly eight charts to accompany the illustrations and copy of the book. The book's target audience is grades 7+ or ages 12+. I knew I wanted the charts to have some levity without depriving the charts of the critical topics they were representing, like income inequality and wealth distribution.