Visual Wordle Solver: All 2,309 Words Interactively Laid Out by Shri Khalpada

I play Wordle every day and built this visualization to satiate my own curiosity. I consistently found myself asking questions like: "how many words have Y as the only vowel?" or "which position does S tend to show up in the most?".

To that end, I built a static visualization that represented the 2,309 word list Wordle uses for solutions as a graph, where the nodes were the letters and the edges were the connections.

I found this pretty cool in and of itself, but thought it needed interactivity to take it to the next level (i.e. to make it something I'd want to use every day). I built out hover functionality, clicking to lock in a node as the selected letter, and secondary text boxes that are helpful for accessibility and adding more constraints beyond the main visual (i.e. yellow and gray letters).

This visualization hit the front page of Reddit ( and the #1 spot in HackerNews ( It received millions of views in that time and continues to get thousands of views a week -- I am really glad people found it cool!

I built this using p5.js, a creative coding library that I've had fun building projects with over the last couple years. I used Vue for hooking up the p5.js canvas with the additional components on the page.

Thank you for checking out my project!