The Genesis of Ánthisma  by TheMathCompany

TheMathCompany empowers organizations with expert intelligence, solving complex business problems through simple, human-centric, and scalable solutions at speed. With people at the heart of everything that we do, we value our clients and employees alike. We are continuously working towards creating a work culture that is people-first, safe, equal, and inclusive.

At MathCo., the work we do simplifies decisions for leading enterprises – we show aggregations and regression lines but the humans we work with have their own unique individualities, views, opinions, and thoughts on different aspects. For the organization’s 5th anniversary, we wanted to create something special that would represent the organization, its growth journey, and more importantly, our people. 

It started with the fundamental themes and principles that guide the MathCo. way of working: MathCo. BASICS. Each letter in BASICS stands for a pivotal value that all folks at MathCo. imbibe in their day-to-day life at work – Building Relationships, Ambition & Hunger, Simplicity, Individuals Matter, Creating Elevated Experiences and Speed. It refers to the fundamental principles behind all our thoughts, decisions, and actions. We looked at this as an opportunity to showcase how the BASICS translate into a representation of who we are.

We designed a survey about how employees connected with our company values. We had one question for each brand value which we used to evaluate the employee’s closeness to the value.

The survey results were illustrated in Ánthisma, a picturesque data visualization representing the people of MathCo. and their relations with their world of work and the peers that work in it with them. 

We wanted to portray an ecosystem, where each element supports and works in perfect synergy with the others to produce the finest outcomes. We felt that the lotus pond was an accurate symbolization of the nurturing environment at MathCo. where we constantly ensure that we communicate and collaborate to build winning solutions. Naming it Anthisma, meaning "bloom" was fitting to portray the collective efforts of the entire MathCo. community that has helped us outshine ourselves year after year. 

The stream represents our journey over the years, from being a new player in this space to building the fastest-growing AI/ML organization. From 2016, when we started with a small team, to expanding to 1100+ data and analytics experts, in 6 years with our 3 Co-founders leading this ship called TheMathCompany. 

Each lotus leaf represents every single individual, and the minute design details on each of them underscore the core tenets and guiding values of TheMathCompany. The size of the leaf denoting the scale of elevated experiences, the firefly representing speed, the varied color tones symbolizing the extent of process simplification, and many more. 

The visualization helped us understand that at the core of MathCo.’s growth and success lie a humongous contribution from its people. We have been able to comprehend what our organization stands for and reflect on what we have done right, while giving us a perspective on how to get better. This has enabled us to create an optimal workplace environment where our people are celebrated, recognized, and respected for their valuable efforts in pushing the boundaries of what is possible.