NHS Winter: Weekly A& E tracker by BBC News Visual Journalism team

NHS Winter was an innovative cross-platform BBC News project that provided insight and context to the debate around pressures in UK emergency care. The backbone of the project was an online weekly A&E data tracker which visualised two sets of public data from the NHS. The tracker enabled people to follow how their nearest major A&E department in England was performing during the winter, typically a time when hospitals are under greater pressure. By entering their postcode users could see how their hospital fared on a number of key measures - from how many patients were seen in four hours, to the number of cancelled operations – and how their hospital compared to the national average. If you enter your postcode now you will see the results for week 20, the final week.

The data tracker was original and exclusive to the BBC and provided a valuable public service. It was created by bringing together two sets of public data from the NHS England website.