“5Years” Project by Camilla De Amicis, the project is a data visualisation summarising five years of a love story.
The idea starts from an awareness of the traces that are left spatially by living experiences together on a daily basis. The relationship between the two, being at a distance, has led the couple to experience different cities and places, some more frequently than others.
Each coloured macro shape represents a city, the name of which is deliberately left unstated so that only the couple can trace the specific locations. Instead, the dark dots on the spots trace the position of the exact locations on the city map locally. Each experience was distinguished on the basis of type (whether or not related to a culinary event) and the type of memory associated with the experience.
In this case, data collection is based on the experience and mental reconstruction and through traces (photographs, items saved on online maps, notes) of one of the two members of the pair.
The approach to data visualisation in this case becomes personal and deliberately subjective, in order to create an emotional narrative through data that blends a humanistic vision with a more technical and spatially faithful one.