Appearance of the Five Most Popular X-Men Characters in Chris Claremont's "The Uncanny X-Men" Comics by Cédric Scherer Data Visualization Design

The streamgraphs show the appearance of the most common X-Men characters (Wovlerine, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Storm & Gambit) during the so-called "Claremont Run".

Chris Claremont is a famous American comic book writer who was in charge of the "Uncanny X-Men" comic book series from 1975–1991. During that time he developed complex literary themes and strong female characters into superhero comics, and turning the X-Men into one of Marvel's most popular series.

The "Claremont Run Project" is a "SSHRC-funded academic initiative micro-publishing data-based analysis of Chris Claremont's 16 year run on Uncanny X-Men #97–278" tracking the issue setting, character behavior and representation as well as Bechdel test results.

Each streamgraph shows the number of appearances, either in a costume or not, of the five most common characters with regard to depiction, speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and narrative statements.

The visualization, with and without annotaitons, were created as a personal contribution to the #TidyTuesday challenge in June 2020. The visualizations were completely created in R with ggplot2. The code and images for all versions are publicly available on GitHub.