Taiwan’s 10 most popular street foods over the last decade by Daisy Chung, Julia Janicki

This project is part of the 2022 #30DayChartChallenge Day21 Timeseries: down/upwards. For this topic, we got curious about how Taiwan’s most iconic street snacks shifted in popularity over the past 10 years. Initially, we wanted to find consistent survey reports or polls, but with zero luck finding such data over 10 years, so we decided to select 20 street food items that showed up in all the surveys we were able to find, and ranked them by analyzing Google Trends data. Since Taiwan’s street foods run the complete gamut of flavor, we separated the data to look at the top five sweet snacks and the top five savory snacks.

The data visualization design was done using Adobe XD, while the scrollytelling interactive data visualization was created using JavaScript, more specifically D3 for the visualization and Scrollama for the scrollytelling. Lastly, we added a toggle to static design for better accessibility.