A walk down Fifth Avenue: The visible and invisible data of street trees in NYC by individual

Think of all the things you observe during the day. How much time do you take to actually stop and notice them? There is so much data in our environments, sometimes it just takes a moment of pause – or truly observing – to see it. This project focuses on just that – observing and recording the visible and invisible data of something common: street trees.

We recognize different types of trees, their size, and if they look healthy or not, but what we don’t see as easily are the incredible ecological benefits they provide. For each of the 1,234 trees along Fifth Avenue, visible data (tree type, size, problems, health) and invisible data (ecological benefits) was visually encoded into a symbol and placed on a map. This project used data from the most recent New York City Street Tree Census, and ecological data from the NYC Street Tree Map and the US Forest Service.

About the artist: Molly Morgan is a data visualizer, product designer, and artist, who likes to explore different mediums and is inspired by small observations in her everyday environment (specifically outside!). She loves and has always loved creating – whether through embroidery, data art, sewing, drawing, designing, painting, collaging, or “making a mess.” She is energized by time outside, making lists, and talking all things creative with other people.