STAATUS Index 2022 by Jack Beckwith

In response to heightened violence against Asian Americans in the U.S., Leading Asian Americans to Unite for Change (LAAUNCH) and The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) have conducted a national study in two consecutive years to better understand how the U.S. population perceives and treats Asian Americans. Named the STAATUS Index (Social Tracking of Asian Americans in the United States), this year's survey reminds us that stereotypes and racist tropes against Asian Americans are deeply embedded in our country's history and culture.

The DataFace team created a printed PDF report that documents the survey results using impactful imagery and eye-opening charts. Along with the PDF report, we designed and built a microsite that showcases this year's key findings through a series of interactive data visualizations.

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    The DataFace: Sam Vickars - Design Manager Aria Todd - Visual Designer Sawyer Click - Data Viz Developer Michael Hester - Technical Director Jack Beckwith - Creative Director TAAF / LAAUNCH: Norman Chen - CEO Richard Ting - Co-Founder, Advisor Beverly Liang - Project Manager Matt Andryc - Data Manager Kim Granlund - Webflow Developer
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