“Framing Luxembourg” – a scrollytelling experiment by C2DH

Framing Luxembourg is a web experiment to present the history of statistics in Luxembourg differently.
We tell the story of quantifying a territory over the last 200 years, starting from figures collected for two centuries by different public institutions in Luxembourg: we approach essential stories of our country - migration, family, employment, unemployment - through the lens of social and economic history.
Each story is built around a main timeline chart that is gradually built or explained through "scrollytelling" - the act of unraveling a thread piece by piece through scrolling the page with the mouse, the trackpad or the finger. This way the narrative of each chapter unveils the visualization, paragraph after paragraph, pointing to specific sections of the lines on the main timeline chart. Each paragraph also gives access to additional graphics, datasets or historical images taken from national archives or from the Statec library.
Finally, the main visualization can also display punctual information to read each datapoint in a broader historical context.

The website is a one page website developed in React, each chapter and each dataset used is described via a simple JSON structure. All dataset displayed are freely downloadable in CSV format.

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