Colorscape by Kofi Oduro

Colorscape: Hues into Grooves takes the values of a color and uses only numbers found in that number to make that song. Followed by having the title of said song as the hex value of the Color.

Consider it an audio representation, internal monologue and personification of the color

Coded in SonicPi with tempo post process at parts to make for the dialogue

Dip in Code takes the concept of Hearing Colour, Seeing Sound while allowing the audience the pleasure of tasting colors and seeing taste while hearing it at the same time. Dip in Code: Kitchen of Hues, takes colors that happen to be named after food. To give an audiovisual experience that crosses over to an immersive culinary setting/Dining Experience as well. Every track isn’t a single color like its predecessor but will be named after meals that are also names of Colours. The soundtrack of each meal is Coded and visualized to make sure the meal is represented well. Enjoy that colorful byte.

Dip In Code takes Narrative Design, Mathematical Fiction, Data Analyzation, Data Visualization, Livecoding, Data Sonification, Creative Coding and merges them within themselves and other mediums to produce an experience that stems from the premise of everything being linked. It Is an interesting component of the Colorscape Universe with its own building and evolution grounded in the numbers it holds.