Monologue of A Star Swimmer by London College of Communication University of the Arts London

The famous athletes are as radiant as blooming roses, people could see their remarkable game performance and their eye-catching achievements. However, we have no idea how much pressure they have to bear from all sides of society and themselves which sometimes may overwhelmingly drown them.
Numbers can describe their entire career. In this era of stereotypes and prejudice, achievements might be the only support for their whole career and un-career lifetime.
So, how could athletes handle this situation and behave themselves while facing pressure? In my design, I used the story of a Chinese swimmer's short-lived career as a prototype, using the life cycle of a flower to compare the story of her journey from a rookie swimmer to the Olympic stage and then to the decline of her performance, using data visualization to tell the story - Monologue of A Star Swimmer.
Design Outcome: A large poster shows the athletes' daily exercise log and workout routine, with broken medals indicating the game results - the loss of the competition also means that all efforts would be lost. The nine folded cards represent the different stages of an athlete's career.
This visualization helps people to understand the difficulties of athletes and helps them to reduce social pressure to a certain extent.