Global Forest of Endangered Plants by London College of Communication University of the Arts London

Global Forest of Endangered Plants

This project provides an objective scientific understanding of the proportion of endangered plants in each region/country (Data Source/ IUCN Red List Index May 2022). The forest consists of trees representing different countries. As the main element of the infographic, it symbolizes the density of endangered plants, the taller the tree the greater the variety of plants in the region, and the denser the tree the larger the proportion of endangered plants in the region.

(The density formula of the Forest ‘Index’=Endangered Plants/Plant species)
In this way, audiences could tell which countries have the good or bad conditions in a holistic way, rather than just judging a particular country by comparing the single number of endangered plants directly, helping people always to be aware of the reason and background behind the numbers.

There are three parts of the visualization’s outcome (The social media Instagram version):
1/ The Overview Forest & Map
The main distribution areas of endangered plants and the proportion of endangered plants in the total plants in these regions.
2/ Three Top Regions
Three continents with the most endangered plants and their typical endangered plants encourage people to protect endangered plants with this knowledge.
3/ The Most, Typical Species