Vaccine races 2020 by Vasilisa Kovaliova

Although the pandemic of novel coronavirus caught humanity unawares, scientists worldwide rapidly started vaccine development. That led to a significant breakthrough in immunology: many developed vaccines are based on new platforms, and this pandemic will provide testing for new promising approaches. At the end of January 2021, 67 vaccines have undergone clinical trials, and at least another 89 have undergone preclinical trials. This visual synopsis helps to understand the whole diversity of existing platforms for vaccine development. Still, selection of the best platform and especially selection of the best vaccine is not the goal.
This work was created at the end of December 2020, therefore some details might be outdated, but general principles are still up-to-date. Firstly, it was published in Russian for the BioMolText-2020 contest, and then it was translated into English and duplicated to
Vasilisa Kovaliova was in charge of the content, and Anastasia was responsible for the visual appearance.