A Long Night by Michela Lazzaroni

During the Spring of 2018, the German artist Gunter Demnig placed a stumbling stone dedicated to Remo Obbermito right in front of the door of the Wild Mazzini data art gallery in Turin.
This coincidence prompted us to dive deeper into the story of Remo and the others that the Stolpersteine in the city  commemorate. And so we set out to create a visual representation of what the individual stones tell us.
A Stolperstein is a sett-size, ten-centimetre (3.9 in) concrete cube bearing a brass plate inscribed with the name and life dates of victims of Nazi and Fascist persecution. The project aims to remember individuals at exactly the last place of residency – or work – which was freely chosen by the person before they fell victim to deportation.
“A Long Night” data visualization sets a panorama lit by the 114 stumbling stones; each one is projected onto the city sky, according to gender, age and date at arrest, "reason" for deportation, and in some cases, information on their family relationship.
The work sheds light on the recent dark times in Turin, but above all on the lives of the deportees – of whom only six survived – to maintain the memory of a history that is both individual and collective