Abandoned at sea: The desperate journeys of Rohingya refugees by Kontinentalist

Imagine escaping home and embarking on a dangerous sea voyage to find refuge, only to realise that another nightmare has just begun. This is the reality for Rohingya refugees who flee from Myanmar and Bangladesh by sea in an attempt to escape poverty and persecution.

Despite thousands of Rohingya refugees having to make this dangerous journey, empathy and information towards their plight is sparse. Social media platforms have even censored Rohingya narratives in the past. Our team decided to partner with UNHCR to shed light on the massive scale of abuse, human trafficking, and gender-based violence this persecuted community often encounter.

The story recounts their harrowing journey through a combination of custom-coded audio components, vivid illustrations, and an interactive map that locates the various challenges refugees often face at sea, such as interception by authorities, drowning, abandonment by smugglers and many more. The story concludes with a call to action for readers to start raising awareness about this important issue as well as a call for donations