Who Will Pay To Protect Tech Giants From Rising Seas? by NPR

Coastal cities need billions of dollars to build defenses against sea level rise. Tensions are growing over where that funding will come from: taxpayers or private companies with waterfront property? This immersive project is a deep dive into a complicated subject, using interactive maps and drone photography to help convey the scope of the issue and the challenging terrain.

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    Reporting by Lauren Sommer Visual editing and production by Ryan Kellman Design and development by Ruth Talbot, Daniel Wood, Duy Nguyen and Alyson Hurt Map asset collection and editing by Daniel Wood and Ruth Talbot Editing by Neela Banerjee, with copy editing by Lee Smith Drone video by JJ Harris/Techboogie/KQED Additional reporting by Kevin Stark, KQED Additional production by Meredith Rizzo Additional photography by Marissa Leshnov for NPR
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