Feeding the Print Tooth by Maryland Institute College of Art

Are we what we read? Women's relationship to books is as nuanced as the reasons they have for reading fiction in the first place.

Feeding the Print Tooth is a visual exploration of weekly New York Times Best Seller data from the last seven years (2015-2021). This zine describes the most popular books as defined by book sales, and hopes to offer a view into the stories we use to define & refine our own messy narratives.

The concept of “print tooth” is borrowed from the research of Helen Taylor and posits that reading is an indulgence, a guilty pleasure.

The full zine is intended as a conversation starter, to be explored and discussed. We often think of reading as an individual activity but so often when we find those books that consume, comfort, haunt, inspire and/or transform us - our social nature demands we share that experience with others.