Natura & Co - COP 26 by Datadot Estudio

Natura &Co is compose of four global beauty brands - Aesop, Avon, Natura and The Body Shop - that share a commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices.

For their participation at COP26 - a decision-making collegiate of the group of signatories of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) - we were invited to develop infographics that answered questions such as the importance of the Amazon to face the climate crisis, the importance of COP26 and the Paris Agreement, the concepts of a positive future for nature, circularity and regeneration, sustainable development and the importance of Net Zero.

We were responsible for the organization and systematization of this material. We transformed a dense information content into a dynamic, more accessible narrative, with high visual impact and great attractive power. Infographics that explain issues and concepts and how they relate to the brand's purposes.