Dados Virais (Viral Data) by Datadot Estudio

The Viral Data project, created by the Data Privacy Brasil Research Association, mapped the digital technologies based on the use of personal data during the COVID-19 calamity period in Brazil. We were responsible for developing the strategy for visualizing and creating the storytelling of this data, where information derived from a broad, fragmented and multifaceted set of initiatives was systematized.

Technologies adopted by municipal, state and federal governments were mapped. The results point to 253 cases of initiatives, distributed in 24 states, 77 municipalities, in addition to 22 products of national scope adopted by the federal government and other federation units. Through infographics and interactive visualizations, we present an overview of the use of these technologies, the locations and coverage areas, the actors involved in such arrangements and the main features associated with their use. In addition, we also developed an animation to explain the research, its objectives and impacts.