Census Mapper by Pitch Interactive

We teamed up with Census 2020 Data Co-op to design and build an embeddable map that displays Census data at the national level, as well as for states, counties, and census tracts. The Census data are pulled from the data collected and processed by The Associated Press, one of the Census Co-op partners.

This co-op represents a move toward collaborative efforts in journalism. Every 10 years, data journalists perform an unheralded public service. They process, analyze and visualize Census data, pumping out stories, maps and charts to help readers and policymakers make sense of the demographic shifts in the neighborhood, county, state and the national level.

This project illustrates how collaboration has reached a new level. A network of journalists and academics created the Census 2020 Data Co-op to provide tools and training to help busy journalists get straight to finding Census stories. These tools, including this Census Mapper, will make it easy to find data for communities, states, and the nation and compare it with the 2010 decennial Census.