Fundación Telefónica UTOPÍAS by Prodigioso Volcán

This is an Infographics and data visualization project made for the exhibition of Espacio Fundación Telefónica: “The Great Imagination. Histories of the Future”.

In the not too distant future...

Infographic displays the temporal relationship between the time of publication-projection of science fiction works (literature, films, comic) and the future time they narrate.

Time as an expository data in space. A simple link between the moment of creation of the literary or audiovisual work and the moment of its narration. Taken together and contextualized, they offer trends on which to argue.

Define the relationship between emblematic works of fiction and the temporal moment to which they refer (‘when’ the imagined future they tell about is situated). Mark concrete milestones (the Great Acceleration) that help to understand the changes in the closeness / remoteness of the imagined futures.
Made from a ‘Slope Chart’ of RAW Graphs to show the relationship between two continuous variables (time). We categorize these variables (literature, comic and audiovisual), contextualize and edit horizontally to show the closeness and/or remoteness of the futures created.

The infographic is designed in Adobe illustrator. For the exhibition it was commissioned, it combines vinyl, cable and animation with light projection to create a six meters installation.