Meteorites drawing our world by London College of Communication

A visual summary of the fallen meteorites on Earth from 1400 until 2013. The website is composed using different Javascript libraries to have a creative and classic approach to data.
Firstly, an abstract generative illustration based on mass, composition and landing date of 17,732 meteorites was created using P5. The size of figures indicates the total mass of meteorites, the colour represents the composition, either chrondrites or achondrites, and the polygon’s number of sides increases every century. Each time the user clicks on the screen, 100 years of landed meteorites are visualised.
Next, using the D3 library, a selection of two graphs were picked to represent the total number of meteorites landed in each country and the sum of meteorites with the same chemical composition. The reader can differentiate the number of landed meteorites and the sum of their compositions by regions. Finally, a section of the page is dedicated to the data. We explain how data was selected, cleaned, manipulated and displayed.
We recommend using ‘Meteorites drawing our world’ on desktop for best results.

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