Visualizing the Emotional connections by X-DATA

Across the relationship that exists between the brain and human emotions, there is a spectrum that goes beyond the tangible; To explore it, we present this project with the aim of breaking down the barriers of dataviz.

Within X-DATA, a Mexican data analytics studio, there is "Datalab", the place of experimentation that led to the creation of this project. The information designer Aremi Manrique achieved a fusion between science and dataviz to give rise to these visualizations, for which abstractions of the parts of the human brain were made. Starting from a horizontal section in aerial view, the areas of the brain that light up with the different human emotions considered universal: happiness, surprise, anger, fear, disgust and sadness, were carefully mapped.

The purpose of these visualizations is an aesthetic exploration of data art where we play with contrasts, color patches, gradients and lines to evoke emotions from a visual experience; it is also a faithful reference of the morphology of the human brain.

To understand the project from a more scientific perspective, a website was developed where the interpretation of these visualizations can be performed step by step. In addition, it was possible to go beyond the digital line, venturing into web3 with a collection of NFTs directly related to each emotion. These can be viewed and purchased in the OpenSea marketplace, adding a special edition consisting of a loop that merges the 6 views.

Observing and understanding the brain with curiosity is, without a doubt, a first step in observing ourselves.

For more details visit the proyect website: